About Us


Our Mission

Reach Northeast is dedicated to planting and parenting churches, providing resources, and building community for pastors and church planters.


Our Focus

We will plant churches anywhere there is a need. While the northeastern United States is our primary area of focus, we also have a goal of planting 30 new churches in Sweden in the next few years.

In the 25 major cities of the northeastearn United States, there are 60 million people. These areas are some of the most unchurched parts of the world, in desperate need of life-giving churches.


Our Plan

Reproduce churches planted in these major cities.

Assist churches to become a parent church.

Plant in the most difficult cities and with the most unlikely church planters.

Create life — not just churches, but life-giving churches.


Find out how we can come alongside you on your church planting journey.


We believe that we have a calling to teach about multiplication and its importance.