Training for the Team

We provide a coaching and training environment for every member of the team. While we have an expertise in training planters and multipliers, we also provide training and coaching for worship leaders, children’s pastors and other team members.

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Residency to Get Ready

Our residency program is for those who feel that God may be calling them to plant a church but are more than a year away from that step. A ministry residency is a nine-month preparation and placement process. During this nine-month period, the resident will experience the following:


Each resident receives mentoring from the Lead Pastor of the church where you are serving.


The resident will have a chance to observe a new church’s launch process first-hand.


We help you discover your gifting and calling, with the goal of placement as a church planter or on a church-planting team.


Each resident will be asked to lead somewhere in the environment of the local church and will be treated as part of the pastoral team.


The most valuable of all of these experiences is the lasting relationship that can be formed within the RNE Network.

In most cases, a residency is an unpaid volunteer program.

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