Reach Northeast is mobilizing individuals, businesses, churches, networks and non-profit ministries to reach the major cities in the Northeast region of the United States with the love of Jesus Christ. Click here for a list of Reach Northeast churches.



We will plant churches anywhere there is a need,  but the northeastern United States is our primary area of focus. There are 60 million people within the 25 major northeastern cities. These areas are some of the most unchurched parts of the world, in desperate need of life-giving churches.


  • Reproduce churches planted in these major cities.
  • Assist churches to become parent churches for the very first time.
  • Plant in the most difficult cities and with the most unlikely church planters.
  • Create life — not just churches, but life-giving churches.


Parent a Church

The focus of Reach Northeast is to encourage churches to parent their first church. We hope that the primary way new churches will be planted is by our coming along side of churches who have never reproduced before, so that we can help them plant their first of many new churches.

Partner with RNE

Reach Northeast will become an active partner in every way during the journey. For an approved church plant, we will provide coaching, training, and even some matching funds to help the new church get established.

Plant a Church

At the very least we want to be able to pray for the new pastor by name and back them up through personal encouragement. At most, we will provide them with a spiritual covering and be their parent church through the entire process.


We also want to be able to track, coach, encourage, and improve the process. The parent church may be the primary force in managing the process for the planter and this new church plant, but we want to work with them in this step-by-step launch.


Jeff Leake

Jeff Leake has served as Lead Pastor of Allison Park Church for more than 20 years. During his tenure at APC, God has birthed a church planting movement that first touched Pittsburgh and now is affecting other parts of the world. Five churches were parented and planted in Pittsburgh between the years of 1996 and 2001. A few years later, this church planting movement picked up speed as some of the daughter churches (CityReach Church) also began to reproduce. Already more than 45 new churches have been planted in this region.

Brad Leach

Brad Leach is the pastor of CityLife Church in South Philly. Brad successfully planted Church of the King in Metro Detroit in 2001. After many years of effective ministry there, Brad and his wife Leah felt prompted to plant again. In 2010, he moved with his family to South Philly with the dream of starting a new church in the city. CityLife Church is now a thriving church in this major city and offers a residency program for future church planters. The dream is for CityLife to become a reproducing church with a plan to plant churches throughout the city of Philadelphia.

Brian Bolt

Brian Bolt is the Pastor of CityReach Pittsburgh and the President of CityReach Network. Brian’s desire was to plant an inner city church and develop a men’s and woman’s recovery home. God answered his prayers in April of 2004 by calling him to move to Pittsburgh, PA. Through Brian’s vision and God’s blessing, CityReach Church in the Northside of Pittsburgh was born. CityReach Church Pittsburgh launched an organization dedicated to planting churches in the worst parts of the cities in the USA. CityReach Network has planted churches and Hope Home (for addiction recovery) in Pittsburgh, Braddock, Reading, Cleveland and many more cities.

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